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Build endurance and stamina with the SF-B2715 Zephyr Air Bike by Sunny Health and Fitness. Air resistance technology creates higher resistance making this workout machine low impact yet, completely intense. Achieve a full-body workout when utilizing the arm resistance handlebars while cycling. Track all of your fitness results on the digital monitor. Experience superior comfort on the Zephyr Bike with features that include: padded seating, adjustable seat and pedals, and rubber foam handles. The bike measures at a convenient 44L X 24W X 45H (inches). Achieve an incredible workout on The Zephyr Air Bike: the bike built to take punishment.

• DUAL BELT & CHAIN DRIVE MECHANISM: The Zephyr bike is constructed with both a chain and belt drive system. The fan wheel creates resistance through the belt-drive system which keeps the stationary bike quiet and low maintenance. The pedals are connected to the chain drive system giving you the feeling of an outdoor bike.
• SOLID CONSTRUCTION: The Zephyr Air Bike’s steel cage protects and keeps the resistance wheel intact while the heavy-duty frame construction keeps the bike durable during those vigorous workout sessions. The exercise bicycle is built with transportation wheels and rear stabilizers for added convenience. Max Weight – 240 LBS. FAN WHEEL Diameter at 18″.
• DIGITAL MONITOR: The digital monitor tracks time, speed, rpm, distance and calories burned to give you an accurate reading of your progress. Place a mobile device on the tablet holder and follow along your favorite fitness videos.
• ADJUSTABLE HANDRAIL ARMS: High-density foam hand grips and slip resistant pedals lend to both comfort and performance. Adjustable handlebars maintain resistance helping to tone and sculpt muscles in you arms, back and shoulders.
• WIDE PADDED SADDLE: Extra padding on the wide padded saddle is designed to support your during long rides. The wide seat is adjustable in height to ensure you fit the pedals comfortably. Inseam: MIN 21.5 IN / MAX 33.5 IN
• ADJUSTABLE PEDAL STRAPS: Gripped pedals help you maintain balance and grip as your pedal for long durations. Easily adjust self leveling pedals to foot size for a custom fit.
• FULL BODY WORKOUT: Experience an incredible full-body workout as you use the cycling features combined with the resistance handlebars. Engage your core, shoulders, and back while exercising with the tension handles. Achieve a cardio workout while cycling at greater speeds.

UPC: 815749011992

Weight(lbs): 59.5

Dimensions(in): 44L X 24W X 45H

Warranty: 3 year structural frame / 180 days other parts and components

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Weight 65.7 lbs
Dimensions 38.6 × 8.7 × 26 in

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