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Engage in a low-impact cardio routine with the Programmable Magnetic Rower by Sunny Health and Fitness. Plug the rower into an outlet to power the magnetic resistance. Condition muscles in the back, shoulder, and core as you pull against the 11-pound flywheel. Modify intensity by adjusting the 16 levels of magnetic resistance. Swivel the workout meter on the indoor rowing machine to get the best view of your workout data. Use the digital meter to track workout duration, rowing strokes, and calories burned. Enjoy an optimized workout with the fitness rower’s program mode that has 7 workout presets, 4 user-customizable presets, 2 challenge modes, and one recovery mode. Use an ANT-compatible heart belt (not included) to track heart rate during workouts on the rower. Push back silently on the rowing machine as you glide along the 46.5-inch aluminum railing. The durable (92L x 20.5W x 32H) rower frame supports a maximum user weight of 300 lb. Save space when the magnetic rowing machine is not in use by folding the aluminum rail upright (43L x 20.5W x 60.5H Folded Dimensions).

• SILENT GLIDE: Avoid sliding noises with the aluminum slide rail. The soft touch metal on the fitness equipment allows for a quiet slide as you produce powerful rowing strokes. The aluminum build is rust resistant and lightweight. It can also support up to 300 lb.
• MOVABLE LCD: Never worry about batteries when using the adapter-powered rower. Pivot your workout meter up and down to get the best view of your data while you’re working out on the exercise rower.
• COMPETITION MODE: The digital meter has two workout modes that will challenge you during your exercise routine. Activate the competition program to begin a rowing time trial. Race against the time marks to complete as many strokes as possible.
• MONITOR HEART RATE: Start the pulse program that adjusts the magnetic resistance on the fitness machine based on your pulse reading from an ANT-compatible heart rate belt (sold separately). Use the recovery mode with a wireless heart rate belt to track how well your heart rate recovers after your workout.
• EASY STORAGE: This exercise rower is designed to be stored in tight spaces. The aluminum rail folds upright, which allows the rower to be stored easily (43L x 20.5W x 60.5H). Move the rower around your home using the front-mounted transportation wheels.
• ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: Control how you condition the muscles in your back and shoulders with 16 levels of magnetic resistance. Power the rower to activate the magnetic resistance mechanism that intensifies your workout by adding magnetic force against the 11-pound flywheel.

UPC: 815749012500

Weight (lbs): 75.8

Dimensions (in):  92L x 20.5W x 32H

Warranty: 3 year structural frame / 180 days other parts and components

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Weight 86.9 lbs
Dimensions 54.5 × 10 × 25 in

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