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Lift weights and build muscles better, faster, and safer with the Sunny Health and Fitness OB-Hex Bar by Sunny Health and Fitness. Unlike traditional bars, the hex bar provides a safer, more efficient way to perform deadlifts. Don’t be afraid to load up because this weightlifting bar allows you to support a higher max weight. Accommodates 2” weight plates. The bar is designed to put more pressure on your quad muscles and less on your lower lumbar spine. It’s all about the center of gravity and having the mechanical advantage, the bar allows for optimal positioning of the head, back, hands, and arms to perform squats like a champ while reducing the amount of strain on the knees, hip, and back. The handles are diamond knurled for a solid grip and comfort. you’ll also feel more control while still performing safer and better lifts as you’re directly in the center of the bar. The ample 9.5″ of loadable sleeve space makes this bar versatile in any strength program. you can work it hard and keep it safe with Sunny Health and Fitness OB HEX bar! Triple extension baby!

• The diamond knurled handles are comfortable so you won’t shred up your hands while lifting. Knurling is optimal for supplementing your grip strength and helping correct hand placement.
• Easy on, easy off – quick-release ring collars are very easy to use with the fast install and quick release action to make your workout more efficient. Accommodates 2” weight plates
• The special design of the quick-release ring collars ensures secure plate fixation for stability and safety while protecting the bar finish.
• The Olympic bar holds weights up to 750 lbs. with a loadable sleeve length of 9.5-inch inches. Promotes better control while maintaining stability without added pressure on the back.
• Handles 22.5″ on center and 6″ from floor to center of handle with 26mm shaft diameter (1.10 inch). Diamond knurled handle for secure comfortable grip

UPC: 815749011596

Weight (lbs): 51.4

Dimensions (in): 56L x 23W x 6H

Warranty: 1 year structural frame / 180 days other parts and components

Additional information

Weight 61.7 lbs
Dimensions 57.9 × 24.8 × 7 in

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