Sunny Health &Fitness Cobra Bar Pad


NO. 075



Many people lift weights, whether it’s to build muscle mass, tone their body or boost their metabolism. It’s a fun way to work out that keeps your body and mind challenged. However, pain and discomfort may result from doing a lift improperly. Sunny Health & Fitness No. 075 Cobra Bar Pad lets you focus on the squat movement and technique rather than dealing with discomfort, numbness, or shearing muscle trauma. Proper head and neck position is crucial when performing heavy lifting and strength training. A traditional squat neck bar pad creates a larger circumference around the bar causing the hands to reach further back resulting in the head & neck being misaligned (i.e. forward head posture). This can translate into improper movement alignments and cause injury. TRAIN SMARTER, SO you CAN TRAIN HARDER!

• COMFORT & PROTECTION: Unique weight distribution principle takes the bar off your shoulders and upper back, and transfers weight across your mid-upper-back muscles, reducing the risk of injury
• EASY TO USE: Simply snap the Cobra bar pad to the center of your bar and you set! its anti-slip matte finish reduces the risk of slippage and increases the grip on the shoulders
• ADAPTABILITY: Olympic bar pad fits standard bars and is ideal for standing, free form ,and Smith machine squats. Accurately positioned and three-dimensional design adjusts to any shoulder size
• ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This barbell squat pad features thick padding to provide cushioning, which can reduce strain on your shoulders when lifting progressively heavyweights
• PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Cobra Bar Pad is portable and lightweight, designed to be stored inside your gym bag or your locker
• COMFORT: Design using Thermoplastic rubber to enhance the comfort, feel and grip of the bar pad.

UPC: 815749011770

Weight (lbs): 1

Dimensions (in): 12.4L x 5.5W x 2.6H

Warranty: 1 year structural frame / 180 days other parts and components

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 3 × 12.3 in

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