Multifunctional 7 Gear Adjustable Dumbbell Bench Home Gym Foldable Sit Up Backrest Abdominal Fitness Equipment





Name Multifunctional Foldable dumbbell bench
Material High-quality steel + leather + thick foam cotton
Weight 15kg
Color Black-red
Size 107*90*32cm
Packing size 85*23*33cm


1. The foot shape of the bracket is upgraded from rectangular to cylindrical (by rotating the side cover, the uneven floor or plane can be automatically leveled, and the dumbbell stool can be stable and balanced)

2. The shape of back plate is upgraded from rectangle to S-shaped waistline, which is beautiful and strong

3. Folding without installation, multi angle adjustable, more beautiful and high-grade atmosphere

Package included

1 x Foldable dumbbell bench

Additional information

Weight 8.825 lbs

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