9-Gears USB Charging Electric Pulse Back And Neck Massager Fitness Muscle Pain Relief Tool Health Care Cervical Massager






Type A –  Not heated style

Type B –  Heated style

Material ABS
Power mode Charging type
Control mode Mechanical
Where to apply The neck
Massage Kneading, tapping, pulse, acupuncture, free mode
Massage contacts 2
Applicable group 10 years old and above
Rated input 5V
Rated power 2.5w
Strength 9 gears
Battery capacity 1200mah(It lasts a week on a single charge)
Usage time Recommended 15 minutes per session, 1 hour for full charge, 5-7 days.


– U-shaped neck, double clamp design, adjustable elastic arm hanging electrode, neck thickness can be worn.

– 3D suspended electrode sheet can effectively promote blood circulation and relieve cervical stiffness and pain, bringing professional massage experience.

– A low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic current is passed through the skin to prevent muscle stiffness, soreness and other conditions by activating human cells.

– Upgrade the skin-friendly silicone material, create the body bracket, gently fit the neck skin, better avoid the tingling feeling brought by electrical pulse, more comfortable to wear.

– When the electrode does not touch the skin, it will shut down automatically after 30 seconds.

– Continuous vibration, strength can be controlled.

– Built-in NTC sensor, intelligent temperature control, ensure hot compress, relax muscles.

– Remote control handle control, more convenient to use.

Package included:

1 x Cervical Massager

1 x USB Cable

Additional information

Weight 0.23 lbs


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